Giffords Circus

I worked for Giffords Circus for 4 years as a builder, general maintenance technician and performer.

During this time my various tasks were :


  • Building of several wooden caravans for Circus Artists to live in.
  • Construction of a woodworking workshop
  • Construction of the sets for the shows
  • Construction of a mezzanine in the main storage barn


  • Chassis building for the new caravans
  • Refurbishing a tipper trailer
  • Building a metal framed conservatory
  • Welding garden railings and plant beds with the landscaping crew


  • Fit all the caravans with fusebox, sockets and lights
  • Responsible for power distribution on tour


  • Light rigger in the big top
  • sound rigger on stage for the band





Here are videos of the 3 shows I performed in as a musician and clown



and War and Peace :

Giffords Circus website

Any questions?

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