Precious Plastic

Plastic waste is one of the big disasters of the 21st century and finding ways to fight it should be in everybody’s minds.

A few years ago a brilliant Dutch designer Dave Hakkens conceived a set of machines to deal with plastic recycling on a community scale. These machines transform the plastic waste in little flakes and then process these thought heat and compression into any kind of useful objects.

The blueprints for the machines are distributed on an open-source licence meaning that they are free to use and be modified by anyone.

I’ve been wanting to build these machines for a long time and finally managed to get commissioned by a community group in Wales to build two of them. The injection moulder and the compression.

Promo video for the Precious Plastic

I’m currently in discussion with a few local organisations to build more of these machines, let me know if you are also interested in creating a local plastic recycling centre for your community.

More info : Precious Plastic

Any questions?

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