Shipwrecks – Receiver of the Wreck

Earlier this year, I collaborated with Will Datson on another of his projects. We were asked to build a shipwreck for Citrus Arts, a circus and dance company from Wales, which was gonna serve as playground for their new show Shipwrecks : Receiver of the Wreck.

Will designed the whole piece and built a model from which we could start working. It was a very exciting project not only because of the size of it, but also for the shapes and the curves and the angles. It was challenging but the end result was beautiful and we received great feedback from the company and the audience who saw the performance.

Here are some photos during the build and during the performance




You can also watch a short video of the R&D they did during Dance Days 2017


For more info on the company visit Citrus Arts

For more info on the designer visit Will Datson


Any questions?

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