Acrojou – All at Sea

I  performed last summer in an outdoor theatre installation created by Acrojou called ALL AT SEA.

It’s a one-man roving show, a lone boatman in limbo between life and death travelling through hopes and past memories. He is followed by his own personal storm, a fully functioning rain cloud caught on the mast.

 “I wanted to drop you a line to say what a fantastic piece- incredible performer and magical quality making for a mesmerising experience.” Ian Ross, Executive Director, Jasmin Vardimon Company

“I really loved the show as did so many people I spoke to. I found it really quite emotional, so thank you.” Liz Moran, Artistic Director, The Gulbenkian.
“Really enjoyed the show. Made me laugh a lot at the beginning, I loved the contrast between the hopes and ambitions being talked about and the isolation of the man in the boat… I was made quite emotional by the wedding scene.” Jon Linstrum, Arts Council England.
“This performance piece [All at Sea] by @Acrojou was mesmerising and completely immersive.  Forgot who and where I was.”
– Mark Daniels ‏@boneysisland


Here is a trailer for the show made by Dan Lowenstein


For more info : All At Sea

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