The House of Illusions

I’ve performed, played music and designed a soundscape for The House of Illusions by The Invisible Circus.

The House of Illusions is a collaborative project between The Invisible Circus, Impermanence Dance Theatre and some Bristol artists. It’s an immersive performance that aims to take the audience on a journey through fantasies, reality and concepts of power, whilst exploring the beautiful ash pits located under Temple Meads train station.

Here’s what an audience member said:

“I enjoyed that LOADS. Thanks so much for putting on something so ambitious, witty, sexy, subversive and fun. So many brilliant things, but I’d just be gushing if I listed them. All power to you, we’re lucky to have this going on in Bristol.”

I designed a soundscape to play in the ash pits during the performance, you can hear an extract here :

Cast : Maddy Lennox, Bridie Gane, Josh Ben-tovim, Harry Humberstone, Doug Francisco, Willy Brothwood, Roseanna Anderson, Daniel Hay-Gordon, Ale Marzotto, Eleanor Perry, Patricia Langa, Emma Keaveney-Roys, Jean Goubert

Director : Sarah Kim Fielding

Production : Ash Wing

Set build : Will Kinnell

More info : The Invisible Circus

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