Orchestra Pirouette

I play saxophone and banjo with Orchestra Pirouette and I am also their sound technician.

Orchestra Pirouette are a cross-channel collective of circus musicians brought together by a love of all things reggae, rock, funk, french, hip-hop, balkan, afro-beat and soul.

An independent group of 10 circus musicians, some French, some English, with a large repertoire of original tunes bursting with skanking brass sections, super hot harmonies, and stomping beats full of magic and mayhem!


They came together as the houseband for the magical Gifford’s Circus in the Cotswolds, but this splendid Franco-British collaboration is a mighty show in its own right. With ten voices and as many instruments at their disposal they make a joyful noise from reggae, Afrobeat, jazz, funk,  rock’n’roll … you name it, they mash it.

You can hear a few of our tunes of our soundcloud :


Here is one of our tunes that I rearranged to try and add some new parts


Orchestra Pirouette’s website


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