The Melody Makers

I performed and played music in The Melody Makers by Tessa Bide Productions

Pip Christmas hates Christmas. Her family love it so much they made it their name – they put the tree up in September and put it away in March and they eat beans all year to save up for the festive indulgence. Pip’s only saving grace is her best friend, Rupert – a tiny robin who visits her every morning for the month of December. One morning, the Christmas music disappears and Pip must go on a quest to find out why the music has stopped – she must find the Melody Makers and, boy, they’re not happy….

Starring 4 talented actor-musicians, beautiful hand-made puppets and A LOT of music, this will be a magical, musical extravaganza set to charm the stockings off of the whole family.

Tune written during the R&D for this project in June 2015

Trailer for the show filmed and edited by Sam Cleverly in Lyme Regis

Cast : Tessa Bide, Megan Brooks, Matt Huxley, Jean Goubert

Director : Emma Williams

Musical Director : Matt Huxley

Designer : Sarah Dicks

Set build : Georgie Shire


Tessa Bide’s website

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